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Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

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what they’re saying

“Professor Frank is a great professor, she cares about her student’s successes and helps them by assisting how to walk through the problem or providing any additional resources she has available on hand. She replies back in a timely manner to where you have enough time not to forget what you were asking about. (class taken online) Another solid factor is she checks in on the class to see how everyone is doing and reminds us if we ever need help feel free to ask! I would definitely recommend this professor.”

Student (Accounting Course)

“She is an awesome and helpful teacher. She is compassionate and understanding! She helped me with my situation and went so far as to email the book company to help get me a another free trial because my 2nd one expired. Then she found out why I wasn’t getting my book in the mail too. I genuinely feel like she cared about me as a student and I want to make sure it is known that she is a great person!”

Student (Business Course)

“Professor Frank is always offering students help and is very flexible. You can definitely tell she cares about her students’ success. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of her class! She’s a great professor!”

Student (Accounting Course)

“I loved that we were able to have a discussion about things and that you always valued everyone’s opinion. This case is a prime example. I believed that that question was confusing and you allowed me to argue for my answer and would have given me and the rest of the class points if necessary. One thing i was afraid of with this class was that since it is such an opinion based class i was worried id have to figure out what the “right” opinion was. You made sure throughout the class that that was never the case. I really appreciate the things you’ve done for me and the class this year.”

Student (Business Ethics Course)

“The group activities were a great way to use the knowledge we got in class and use it in a serious/non-risky sand-box like environment.”

Student (Business Course)

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